What Everybody Ought to Know About Foot Orthotics

By Saree Reveling |

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Hi, I’m Dr. Paul Bekkum from All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center. As a FootMax specialist, I'll be sharing some information on foot orthotics you probably didn't know and why they may benefit you.

Why Does a Person Require Foot Orthotics?

There are a number of problems people suffer from in relation to their feet. Problems like bunions, hammer toes, or Plantar Fascitis can be eliminated or reduced with orthotics. Orthotics can also benefit runners. If you are a runner and you start to notice some aches and pains, it could be problems with your feet, knees, hips, lower back or even somewhere up your spine. What we’re going to check out in our office is your whole kinetic chain, which starts at your feet. Your feet are the foundation of your body's frame.


Just like a house has a basement and some footings, if the footings sink on your house, your doors and windows are affected. You may notice sticky windows and may have to trim the base of your doors over time. More than likely, the problem is a poor foundation. The same is true with your feet. If your feet are not properly aligned, the rest of your body suffers. So that's where we start off after we've already looked at, kind of clearing up things from a chiropractic perspective. We look at you neurologically, from the brain and spinal cord on down.


Your Feet Must Be Properly Aligned

As we start to look at your kinetic chain, we start with your feet. Your feet are pretty intricate. You have twenty-six bones in each foot and thirty-three different joints. We make sure that your  bones line up properly and you have the proper pronation for your feet. Your feet should actually pronate about four to six degrees and we have some instruments that can measure that.

Do Your Research When Purchasing Foot Orthotics

Places such as Walmart or Scheels will do scans and provide you with arch support however, I equate these to reading glasses. If your eyes aren't bad and you only need them for reading, they may work just fine but they are not going to provide you with the benefits equivalent to prescription glasses tailored exactly to your problems. The same is true for foot orthotics. They may work out fine for very minor problems however, the problems will build over time and will not provide the support of prescription orthotics.

When we start to look at the feet, there are different things we measure. Typically, I'll have a person go across our digitized footplate and get an impression of what their feet look like, where the pressure is at on their feet and if there's excess pressure in certain areas. After that initial scan, most other offices send it off to get an orthotic made for you. Unfortunately, that's really not what you want to be looking. That simply puts your foot in a very poor mechanical position. So now, you're getting an Orthotic for arch support only. This may work for awhile, but more than likely if your foot already has bad mechanics, they’re just supporting it in the position where it has the bad mechanics.

A better alternative is to take the digitized foot scan and make sure the bones in your feet are properly aligned. If the joints are fixated, we adjust them so they move correctly. We look at things more closely to determine whether there are corrective measures that we can put into the orthotics so you are getting as close to what you need mechanically as possible. I will adjust your feet, do some measurements and use a device that measures some angles on your feet and those get factored into the Orthotics. We then make a prescription for it and send it into the lab. We also check out other biomechanical issues of your feet to make sure things are moving correctly.

Foot Orthotics Help With Bunions

If you have a bunion, there are different corrections that we can put into an Orthotic that you won't get from other generalized foot orthotics. Bunions require specialized orthotics equivalent to what we provide in our office.

We Check Your Current Orthotics & Also Provide a Money Back Guarantee

If you have orthotics and you're not sure if they are working correctly for your feet and they are less than 5 years old, bring them into our office and we can test them out for you. We may be able to better customize them for your feet.  We also provide a money back guarantee for orthotics provided by our office. I don’t want people walking around with an orthotic that’s not working for them or have them take the orthotic and throw in the bottom of a closet. I don’t think anyone wants to do that. So, we want to make sure that it's working properly for you and you’re getting the corrections that you need.

Are you having pain in your feet but not quite sure of the cause or even what the injury might be? Check out the article: Get Rid of Foot Pain Once And For All Call our office to set up your appointment today!  (701) 356-0016

For more information about foot orthotics from our office, go to: http://www.drpaulbekkum.com/prescription-orthotics/

For more information about foot pain, go to: http://www.drpaulbekkum.com/foot-pain/

Dr. Paul Bekkum leads the team of health care professionals at All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center. His life's mission is to help people live active and healthy lives.  Dr. Bekkum believes that pain doesn't have to be a life-long sentence.  By focusing on a person's whole body, Dr. Bekkum can help detect, correct, and prevent health problems. Dr. Bekkum was born and raised in River Falls, WI, and attended University of Wisconsin - River Falls, then graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1992. In addition to being a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Paul Bekkum is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology.  Dr. Bekkum is a team chiropractor for the NDSU Rodeo team.

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