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Musculoskeletal Sports Injury

Written By All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center, LLC on July 8, 2015

Exercise and athleticism are a good way to improve overall health. However, physical activity also raises the risk of suffering a sports-related musculoskeletal injury. There are many causes of injuries, including overuse repetitive stress injuries, traumatic injuries, and even injuries caused by failure to properly stretch or wear appropriate protective gear. We can help you recover from athletic injuries, helping you return to play as soon as possible.

Do you know…

how to handle a musculoskeletal injuries? Always follow the RICE method: rest, ice, compress and elevate. This technique isolates the injury and reduces inflammation until you are able to seek rehabilitative treatment for it. For the first two days after an injury, rest the affected area, applying a cold pack to it for 20 minutes a few times each day. Wrap it in a compression bandage and elevate it above your heart when resting to reduce swelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of a sports injury?

The most obvious signs of acute injury are pain and swelling. However, injuries can also cause stiffness, tenderness, and weakness. Old or chronic sports-related injuries that have not been properly treated or allowed time to heal may cause dull aching pain only when playing or while at rest.

What are some of the most common types of sports injuries?

Some of the most common types of sports musculoskeletal injuries are related to the connective tissues. Sprains and strains are very common in all types of athletes, as is tendonitis. Other types of injuries include dislocated joints, knee injuries, elbow injuries, and fractures.

How can a chiropractor treat a sports injury?

Chiropractors understand the physiology of the muscles and joints. At our practice, we treat sports injuries often, helping to rehabilitate athletes as quickly as possible. We utilize chiropractic treatments as well as other non-invasive rehabilitative techniques to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, and allow the body time to heal. If you have an acute or chronic sports injury, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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