Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief with Chiropractic Care

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief with Chiropractic Care

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a serious, painful nerve injury that affects many people in the United States. Diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome, CTS occurs when the median nerve gets compressed or stretched somewhere along the length of where it travels. Nerve conduction studies can be used in the diagnosis, which can help to rule out other medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Also, another common condition is ulnar neuritis that would affect the ring fingers.

The area that gets blamed the most is in the wrist. The wrist is where the eight carpal bones and the transverse ligament form what is called the carpal tunnel. This injury is frequently caused over time by repetitive motion such as assembly line work. Treating carpal tunnel syndrome is the most expensive work-related injury.

Symptoms of CTS include pain in the hand and wrist. As well as numbness on the palm side of your thumb, index and middle finger. There are different treatment options available to those who are afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome. The treatments may include night wrist splints, chiropractic extremity care, endoscopic surgery up to carpal tunnel release. However, chiropractic care has become a popular and effective option.

Here are four ways patients with carpal tunnel syndrome benefit from chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is documented to work on carpal tunnel syndrome.

While there are no guarantees, two studies have shown strong results that back the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment by adjusting the bones and joints of the forearm, wrist, and hand can remove pressure on the median nerve. This treatment is done to relieve your symptoms of CTS.  Which can include reduce swelling and decrease tension in the muscles at the base of the thumb.

In both studies, the majority of participants showed significant improvement in several measures. The most notable improvements were an increased range of motion, improved finger sensation, and relieve pain. These studies provide evidence to people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Patients can feel confident in improving their symptoms when choosing to pursue a full body chiropractor’s care.

Chiropractors provide a less invasive treatment option.

Carpal tunnel syndrome that ends up being too painful and advanced may have nerve damage. Then open surgery which involves cutting the ligament may be the last resort. Most notably cases that have gone unrecognized or treated for an extended period of time.

However, chiropractic care often helps minimize that option as a last resort. Regular visits to a chiropractor can show positive results in the controlling and healing of many of the CTS symptoms. Most chiropractic visits take about 15 minutes.

Chiropractic care offers an alternative to drugs to manage pain

As with surgery, daily doses of medicine may be a less than ideal plan when managing carpal tunnel syndrome. Certain patients may suffer from issues with the medicine or they may simply not want to take daily medications.

If medicinal treatment is not an attractive option, an extremity chiropractor appointment is the next logical step. Chiropractic care often helps CTS by adjusting the patient’s shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, and cervical spine.

Another common treatment is night splinting. This technique limits your hand and wrist flexion at night. The night splints goal is to reduce compression of the median nerve and allowing the median nerve to heal and recover.

An extremity chiropractor who is experienced with carpal tunnel syndrome is able to review each case alone. The chiropractor then can make solid treatment plans that can alleviate the patient’s dependence on managing the pain with drugs.

Allows patients to learn how to manage carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sadly, health problems that produce chronic pain can take a toll on the patient not only physically, but psychologically. Dealing with CTS can make a person feel powerless over their own body. Working with an extremity chiropractor to relieve, control, and heal the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Workers who perform repetitive tasks daily are at higher risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Feeling pain, numbness, tingling, or burning in their palms or fingers may be the first warning signs of CTS. The earlier it’s diagnosed, the more effective conservative treatment will be.

Of all the carpal tunnel syndrome treatment choices chiropractic care offers the dual benefits:

    • being a highly effective treatment
  • while still employing tactics that are non-invasive compared to other options.

If you or a loved one are suffering from this condition, give us a call at 701-356-0016. Or, schedule an appointment.  We’re here to help!

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