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Are You Experiencing Numbness & Tingling in your Arms & Hands

Are you experiencing numbness and tingling in your arms and hands?

  • Are you currently struggling with Peripheral Neuropathy? (Peripheral neuropathy is the weakness, numbness, and sometimes pain from nerve damage. It usually occurs in the hands and feet.)
  • Do you have arm and hand numbness and tingling?
  • Do you have burning and shooting pain in your arms and hands?
  • Do you have pins and needles sensation in your arms and hands?
  • Do your arms and hands feel like they are falling asleep?
  • Do you have diabetic neuropathy? High blood sugar?
  • Do you have numbness and tingling in both your hands and feet?

We need to find out if you have any of the following going on. Some possiblities may include:

  • neurological issues with your brain and spinal cord
  • nerve compression
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • cervical spondylosis (bone spurs in the neck)
  • peripheral nerve compression that may put pressure on peripheral nerves
  • carpal tunnel syndrome that has put pressure on a nerve (median nerve) or blood vessels
  • ulnar nerve damage
  • ganglion cysts
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Guilain Barre syndrome (either of which may need to be medically reviewed and/or given medical attention)

After an evaluation to determine what is causing your numbness and tingling, our team will create and present your options:

  • If we can help you, we will develop a finally feel good plan customized to your specific condition.
    • We will outline how long it will take.
    • How many visits it will take.
    • How much the care will cost.

Some of the therapies that might be used include:

  • K-laser therapy – Relieves pain, reduces swelling and increases range of motion
  • Vibration Plate Therapy – Improves muscle tone throughout the entire body
  • PEMF Therapy – Increases circulation in your full body and improves cell metabolism

We are here to help guide you on the path to Finally Feel Good!