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How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit You on the Football Field

How Chiropractic Care Benefits Football Injuries

Football Injury

There is no doubt that full-contact football is a rough sport. At times, it can be downright brutal, especially on the body. Consequently, the sport sees a multitude of traumatic injuries.  Some injuries are serious, including head, neck, ankle, knee, and spinal. Chiropractic care is quickly becoming a popular, practical method for treating football injuries. In addition, chiropractic care can manage football injury-related pain. It can even help to prevent injuries before they happen. There are several significant benefits that football players can gain from chiropractic care. As a result, these athletes are noticeably healthier and stronger on the field. 

Who needs Chiropractic Care?

In 2002, a survey was taken exploring the prevalence of chiropractic care in the National Football League (NFL). It concluded that 77 percent of athletic trainers had referred players to a chiropractor for treatment or evaluation. At that time, only 31 percent of the NFL teams had a chiropractor on staff. Now, all 32 of the NFL teams utilize chiropractic care for their players and staff.

College teams are also finding that chiropractic care can help their players. For example, Virginia Tech has a chiropractor who routinely treats the players.  Their chiropractic team helps the athletes with injury recovery and physical health. The doctors have an office at the campus sports complex, making it possible to be available when needed. This way, the athletic trainers are also able to schedule chiropractic appointments for their athletes.

Youth football players can also benefit from chiropractic assessments and treatment. There’s no age minimum when it comes to injuries sustained on the football field!

Improved Mobility

Chiropractic manipulative treatment (CMT) is a chiropractic adjustment. It is one of the primary chiropractic therapies in sports medicine. It helps to increase flexibility, and minimize or even eliminate pain in movement. CMT is often used on football players as an injury prevention measure. It has also been shown to improve athletic performance. If athletes don’t maintain their bodies, overuse injuries can occur.

Solid-Body Maintenance

The usual brutality of football leads to frequent injuries. However, soreness and stiffness are even more common. Many players use chiropractic care to ease the general pain that comes from overexertion and rough play. They may not technically be injured. However, most football players experience the everyday pain that comes with the territory when one is an athlete. Chiropractic care keeps the body working as it should and at it’s best.

Pain Relief

Chiropractic care has long been recognized as an effective pain management tool. And now, athletes are discovering the benefits of chiropractic therapy as well. For example, it has been shown to relieve headaches. This is especially important when headaches stem from head and neck injuries. Chiropractic therapies also relieve shoulder pain, pain from ankle sprains, and knee injuries and sprains.

Injury Prevention

There is a direct correlation between athletes and chiropractic care. Most athletes who see a chiropractor will see a decline in sports-related injuries. Those who utilize chiropractic care experience better flexibility and mobility. In turn, greater flexibility and mobility is directly linked to injury prevention. Additionally, chiropractic care helps to increase strength. Therefore, by making the body stronger, it is more resistant to injury.

Increase Strength and Endurance

Chiropractic care is often thought of as a way to only relieve pain. However, chiropractic care has also been linked with increased muscular strength. It has been shown to effectively promote strength in the muscles after only a few sessions. This can help players avoid injury by combining the increase in strength with increased mobility. This also works to promote endurance and stamina.

Sports Hernia Relief

A significant amount of athletes experience groin pain due to injury. Athletic pubalgia is one of the most common causes of injury-related groin pain. It is also known as a sports hernia and can cause significant pain. Chiropractic care has been shown to relieve the discomfort within 8 weeks when combined with rehabilitative exercises.

Heat-related injuries

Heat injuries can be a forgotten and scary opponent. If not treated properly, heat injuries can result in hospitalization or even death. Make sure your athletic trainer is screening for heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Always make sure to drink plenty of water on hot days. Also, electrolytes play an important role in controlling heat-related injuries. Electrolytes not only help hydrate the body, but they also provide acid-based balance and prevent muscle cramps.

Chiropractic care plays a very important role in injury prevention. Whole-body care and pain relief for athletes in one of the roughest sports in the world is extremely important. Chiropractic care keeps the body stronger and working at it’s greatest potential. These benefits can also be translated to other sports where an injury is a frequent occurrence.

Our Fargo chiropractors are here to help you get back to finally feel good! Schedule an appointment today.

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