Our custom-made prescription orthotics are specially designed for YOUR feet

Don't settle for over-the-counter options. Your feet will thank you!

Prescription OrthoticsDr. Bekkum offers you the best when it comes to prescription orthotics. After your feet are scanned and examined, he will prescribe the ideal pair of orthotics for your individual needs.

Our orthotics are designed to provide maximum foot control by using four layers - top cover, cushioning, module & bottom cover - to create the best orthotic fit. They offer excellent motion control without added bulk or discomfort.

It's important to be educated on what is causing your foot pain. For more information about foot injuries go to: Get Rid of Foot Pain Once And For All

It's really worth your time get fitted for comfortable & customized orthotics designed just for YOUR feet!

Premium Orthotics

Our prescription orthotics are a perfect fit for active lifestyles – designed to help increase energy, strength and stability.

Our orthotic is ideal for providing premium comfort and stability with a genuine leather top and suede bottom.

Dress Orthotics

High heels and narrow dress shoes can wreak havoc on your feet, especially when you wear them day-in and day-out to the office.

Our line of men’s and women’s dress orthotics provide you with both fashion and comfort.

Athletic Orthotics

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to reap the rewards of better balance, stability and foot control.

Footmaxx orthotics enhance performance while protecting against injuries. Each orthotic offers unique features specifically designed for that sport, like long-lasting shape and support for runners or multi-directional support for court sports.

Specialty Orthotics

Orthotics may help if you are suffering from diabetes or arthritis. Custom-made orthotics can assist in creating comfort and correction for sensitive feet.

These orthotics reduce the peak pressure areas on the foot and ease the pain of ulcerations or joint and tissue damage.

Prescription Orthotics