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Full Body Chiropractic care is the perfect treatment option for leg pain relief

Leg pain is caused by a variety of reasons. Through our full-body approach, we will find the root cause of your leg pain and take care of it so you can Finally Feel Good!

Leg pain comes from a number of causes and include a wide range of symptoms. At All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center, through our full-body approach to health care, we provide leg pain treatments to help relieve every type of pain and discomfort.

You will be impressed when you meet your chiropractor, we have extensive experience treating athletes, including pro rodeo riders. Our focus in sports medicine and pain relief has been a benefit for many athletes who suffer from a number of ailments and conditions involving the legs and lower extremities.

Providing Leg Pain Lasting Relief

Leg pain symptoms largely depend on the cause. The pain can surface as a mild ache or dull tingling, or as a severe and sharp burning. The pain can occur during movement or when you touch the affected areas, while other times it may be continuously present. The pain can even stem from an area not directly associated with it, such as hip pain caused by an untreated knee.

Our first step is to determine the root cause of the pain so we may effectively treat it. We utilize an initial assessment of the spine and extremities to determine the source of your pain and develop a treatment plan to help you finally feel good.

During the rehabilitative phase, we re-assess you using the same initial tests to determine your progress and when a patient has attained maximum improvement or has returned to normal range of motion and muscle strength.

Injuries are a major cause of the pain we have treated with our full body chiropractic sports medicine services. Sprains, strains, or damage to the muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissues can be particularly agonizing. Our chiropractor has treated athletes with hamstring injuries, shin splints, and other sports-related injuries that result in pain in the legs.

Spinal issues and nerve issues can also lead to pain in the legs. Sciatica is a prime example; a condition caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs through the buttocks and down the leg.

Nerves throughout the spine, as well as those in other areas of the body, can become irritated, inflamed, and lead to pain in the leg areas. The condition may have a direct cause that can be corrected, or it may be a chronic condition without a cure, such as fibromyalgia, that we address with our pain relief techniques and pain relief modalities.

Our chiropractic treatments for pain in the leg area often includes a corrective and functional exercises program used in conjunction with a healing one. We can treat sciatica, for instance, with adjustments that alleviate the pressure on the sciatic nerve. Other correction methods we employ include prescription orthotics, which are shoe inserts that provide support and stabilization. Although orthotics are worn at the feet, their effects can often be felt throughout the entire body. They can help correct an improper gait or alignment, resulting in proper biomechanics.

Physical therapy is effective for pain management as well as healing. Physical therapy consists of gentle stretching and strengthening exercises meant to restore strength and mobility to the affected area.

Whether you need pain management or corrective treatment for pain in your legs, your first step is All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center. Contact us with any questions, and be sure to make your first appointment with our chiropractic center in Fargo to finally feel good again!

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