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Neuropathy Treatment | All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center, LLC

Neuropathy TreatmentNeuropathy encompasses health problems related to a damaged peripheral nervous system. Symptoms range from lack of coordination to stabbing pain in the extremities.

When Neuropathy gets severe, it's irreversible and only the symptoms and underlying cause can be treated. The good news is that we can do some testing to find out how far along your neuropathy has progressed. if you are mild to moderate, we can stablilize and possibly reverse the condition.

Dr. Paul Bekkum of All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center, LLC, provides effective neuropathy treatment to alleviate your discomfort.

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What Is Neuropathy?

Your peripheral nervous system connects the spinal cord and brain (collectively known as the central nervous system) to other body parts, including the feet and hands. Neuropathy occurs when the network of peripheral nerves is damaged.

Neuropathy symptoms may include:

● Tingling and numbness in the hands or feet
● Pain and stiffness in the extremities
● Sensitivity to touch
● Prickly feelings in the hands and feet
● Hot, searing, or stabbing pains
● Lack of coordination

Neuropathy risk factors that may increase the likelihood of a person developing such symptoms include:

● Alcoholism
● Autoimmune diseases
● Diabetes
● Chemotherapy
● Exposure to toxins
● Traumatic events, like car accidents or sports injuries
● Multiple sclerosis
● Facial nerve problems

Neuropathy Treatments at All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center, LLC

Dr. Bekkum offers several neuropathy treatments. Each patient's care plan is tailored to their precise needs.

A-3 Vibration Therapy

A-3 vibration therapy works by exposing the entire body to vibrations, stimulating the nervous system.

This can increase full-body circulation and allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach inactive areas of the body, thereby boosting tissue health. A-3 vibration therapy can also enhance exercise benefits, allowing for a more significant impact in a shorter timeframe.

K-Laser Therapy

Another option is K-laser therapy, which is shown to be 90% effective in treating neuropathy. This approach enhances neurite function. A neurite is the projection of a neuron from a cell body – a critical component of nerve function.

The K-laser therapy treatment plan depends on the severity of the individual illness. A mild case may require 12 treatments, a moderate case 18, and a severe case 24. Maintenance treatments are recommended twice per month after that.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

PEMF therapy exposes the body to low-frequency currents that can repolarize neurons. This can boost cell material regeneration, improve circulation, and increase oxygenation throughout the body.

Thanks to its regenerating effect, PEMF can also reduce inflammation and encourage the healing of damaged tissues and nerves.

Ongoing Management

Dr. Bekkum’s basic neuropathy management approach focuses on encouraging the body to produce natural opioids and endorphins, which can reduce pain.

Towards this end, you will receive a tailor-made management plan you can do at home to keep your symptoms in check. It may include specific exercises, cold showers, sunshine exposure (which provides vitamin D), sufficient sleep, magnesium supplements, and probiotics.

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Don’t let neuropathy dominate your life. Consult Dr. Bekkum of All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center, LLC, to find a care path that will meet your needs.

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