Sports Medicine Chiropractor

All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center

Sports medicine chiropractic care helps patients safely heal after an injury

without the need for medication or surgery

A sports injury can stop you from being active and stick you on the sidelines with chronic pain. Unfortunately, this pain does not simply “get better” over time. In fact, without proper treatment, your injury may worsen. Many sports injury patients worry that they must choose between invasive surgical procedures or endure a lifetime of chronic pain that prevents them from playing the sports they love.

At All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center, we know there is a better way. Whether you suffer from chronic knee pain, a muscle sprain or strain, or a repetitive motion injury, our sports medicine chiropractor Dr. Paul Bekkum can help.

Sports Medicine Treats Athletic Injuries, Muscle Strain & Sprains

We help our patients make a full recovery after an injury. In fact, thanks to our integrated approach to whole body wellness, we are able to optimize our patients’ overall physical abilities. After treatment at our wellness center, many patients report being more active than ever before!

If you have sustained a sports injury, Dr. Bekkum will begin the treatment process by identifying the underlying cause for your pain. A repetitive motion injury, for example, may be due in part to a misalignment in the musculoskeletal system. Many patients do not even realize that a misaligned spine is affecting how they swing a golf club or tennis racket. This misalignment, in turn, prevents a proper motion, which then aggravates tendons in the elbow and causes inflammation.

Our treatment process is two-fold. First, Dr. Bekkum restores proper alignment to the spine. Next, he uses a variety of physiotherapy treatments to reduce swelling and promote internal healing. We work closely with patients to correct their motion and reduce the risk for future injury.

Knee and Ankle Pain Solutions

Knee and ankle pain are two of the most common sports injuries. Running and other high impact sports can strain the soft tissues surrounding the knees and ankles, causing inflammation and chronic pain. This inflammation can be incredibly painful and even affect an individual’s ability to walk normally.

We provide custom orthotics to help correct problems with gait and restore proper movement to the body. Our rehabilitation treatments and electrical stimulation therapies help promote internal healing, reduce swelling and rejuvenate tired muscles. Using in-house rehabilitation equipment, we help our patients safely strengthen the muscles and restore movement to the body.

Our chiropractor has more than 20 years of experience treating patients for sports injuries. As an active participant in many sports, Dr. Bekkum understands the challenges faced following a sports injury. In addition to treating athletes at his Fargo ND practice, Dr. Bekkum works closely with the NDSU rodeo team.

From foot pain in need of orthotics to arm pain from a pitching strain, we can help!

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